The Context war is the high-stakes competition for providing ubiquitous services to anyone.

The big players are assembling it piece by piece. The primacy of iOS and Android in getting the attention of mobile developers is a major hurdle for new entrants, but each of the listed companies has strong competitive features.

Note: None of the acquisitions or in-house developments shown are for enabling P2P mesh networking & transmission, nor for user ownership (and optional monetization) of user data as part of a continuous contextual data value-exchange process. We are at a juncture in the development of context-aware services that can enable user ownership of user-generated data, and user-controlled monetization of user-generated data, across n datastreams.

This opportunity is so tightly intermingled with data privacy and data security issues that resolution will be difficult and slow, but the opportunity is real. Doc Searls and others have been working on this for a long time.