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NEXT 2011, Aarhus Festival, DK
“When Phones Get Really, Really Smart”


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Clark Dodsworth AREvent video 5/18/10: Product, services, and features strategy for mobile broadband. This is based on contextually aware realtime predictive analytics, an extension of User-Centered Design. Hyperpersonalization: The Devices Learn You. Adaptively providing information services management at the moment of need to support your Constant Next Scenario.

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Clark Dodsworth’s AREvent Presentation, Santa Clara, CA June 3, 2010: “Context is King: AR, Saience, and the Constant Next Scenario”. Mostly about smartphone AR as a gateway to context aware computing becoming indispensible.

Augmented Reality Timeline

Augmented reality on the smartphone platform delivers the leverage of global revenue, enabling intellectual property in context awareness research and artificial intelligence to be implemented in the cloud (with sufficient privacy protection), to deliver services that learn you -- providing 24/7 support for your constant next scenario.

Data flow for hyperpersonalized context aware mobile devices

Smartphone AR as a gateway to context aware computing becoming indispensible. Highly contextual analytics = hyperpersonalization. And every phone needs to play a role in ad hoc P2P sensor nets all the time, as well as entirely P2P social internetworking. It just takes better batteries.

Learning Time vs. # of Users

Do you want to get more users when they can use methods that aren't yours? Try making yours easier to learn.

Location > AR > Context

Location and direction are important, but only the most fundamental elements of context aware information services. The target is realtime Big Data analytics and hyperpersonalization a la Siri, plus integrated voice+gesture control and much more use of audio displays.

Successes in User-Centered Design

Success in multi-function devices goes farther and faster when managing the device is minimized. And it pays off. “Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.” - Alfred North Whitehead

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