Cetaceans, sea kayaking, maps & wayfinding, perception/cognition, early 20th century signage, evolution of tool design.



Selected Talks

• NEXTAarhus Festival 2011, DK, 8-2011: “Context War & the Value of Now”
• SVForum, Santa Clara, Ca 11-2011: Mobile Marketing Panel
• Digital Cinema Symposium panel 1-2011: “The Future of Digital Cinema”
• eComm 2011 “The Value of Now: Pervasive Context + Hybrid Awareness”
• AREvent 6-10 “AR & The Constant Next Scenario”
• 37th AMW 5-10 “Context is King”
• eComm 2010 4-10 same title
• IEEE-CNSV 4-10 same title
• SofTECH 1-10: “Smartphone Augmented Reality: Context, Location, Sensors & Services
• Software Development Forum, Palo Alto, 9-09: “AR & Revenue: Mobile, Sensors, Location & Layers”
• Cal State East Bay, 10-09: “Hyper-Personalization & AR: Context in Mobile Broadband”
• Science Museums conf. ’04: “Web 2.0 & Museums”
• Keynote: 2nd Annual Entertainment Computing conf, Carnegie-Mellon ’03
• TiLE (Technology in Leisure & Entertainment) London 1999
• Keynote: Defense Dept. conf.: Distributed Simulation Environments (SEDRIS) ’99
• SIGGRAPH 99 panel “Devolution of Interface Design”

Juries & Reviewer

• ISMAR09 Symp. Mixed & Augmented Reality Systems
• IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications Journal
• SIGGRAPH Panels, Theater & Emerging Tech juries
• Scope1 conference, Vienna
• ICAD Int’l Conf. on Audio Displays

Professional Positions

• Editorial Board
ETC Press, Pittsburgh | June 2006 – Present
ETC Press, directed by Drew Davidson, is an offshoot of CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center, founded by Randy Pausch and Don Marinelli.

• Advisory Board
Simiosys | March 2004 – Present
Simiosys is an experience design and application development firm in Orlando that does mixed- and augmented-reality (MR & AR) projects for entertainment, training, marketing and education.

• Osage Associates Consulting, Owner | 1996 – Present
Product development, strategy and planning for innovative applications of new technology. Enhanced interfaces for enterprise and startups. Strong user-experience focus & Web 2.0 perspective. Special projects in mobile AR apps in the 2011-14 timeframe.

Original co-author of Roel Pieper’s “Ambient Intelligence” concept for Philips, 1998. It eventually permeated Philips and was adopted by Philips Research in collaborations with MIT’s Oxygen project, INRIA, & Thomson. The EU chose Philips’ Ambient Intelligence vision in 2001 as the theme for FP6, the Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development on IST Research, a 4-year, 3.7 billion Euro research program. Another outcome was the book “The New Everyday” by Philips Research and Design.

Co-author & contributing editor of the book “Digital Illusion: Entertaining the Future with High Technology,” (Addison-Wesley).

Inventor of Live Wall.

Clients include: SimEx-Iwerks, Apple, Chimera Design, Gyroscope, Intervista Software, Highwired Technologies, Uma GmbH, Ninth House SF, EKMS, the Royal British Columbia Museum. See below.

• Experience Design Program
Int’l Symposium on Mixed & Augmented Reality (ISMAR09) | January 2009 – October 2009

ISMAR is the top conference on research and innovation in Mixed and Augmented Reality. The scope ranges from academic basic research to commercial innovation and product development. It brings together signal processing, computer vision, computer graphics, user interfaces, human factors, display & sensor technologies, and wearable, mobile, and ubiquitous computing/display systems.

• Advisory Board
BH&L Group | November 2007 – July 2009

Design proposal for the US Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

• Consulting
Chimera Design | April 2007 – June 2008
Concept collaboration, technology selection & assessment, feature specification, systems planning & implementation planning for unprecedented mobile visitor-experience system for Dubailand theme parks. System is partly based on smartphone Augmented Reality, Galileo GPS, context-awareness, and near-field RFID. Identified and qualified strategic partners for the hardware platforms and subsystems and for software development.

• Consulting
The Leonardo museum, Salt Lake City | 2006 – 2006
Designed high-level plan and process flow for internal collaboration and extensive, 24/7 community participation in all aspects of museum content and programs, based on Web 2.0 tools and practices.

• Program co-chair
DUXo5 Conference | 2004 – 2005
A sold-out conference in San Francisco on User eXperience design. Keynotes by Bill Irwin and Edward Tenner. We used a high-speed format of very brief presentations + plenty of social time.

• Consulting
Palo Alto Ventures / Philips Palo Alto | 1998 – 1999
Invented the Live Wall (massively parallel, 1:1-scale videophone), original co-author of the Ambient Intelligence concept & strategy, and other high-tech, high-volume consumer electronics (HVCE) product strategy projects, all for Palo Alto Ventures as contractor to Roel Pieper/Philips.

• Program Co-Chair and Moderator
Scope1 Information vs. Meaning conference, Vienna | 1998 – 1999

Sponsored by the city of Vienna (Wien), Scope1 was a 3-part conference on trends in information technology: ‘Knowledge Interfaces,’ ‘Disappearing Information,’ and ‘Vanishing Boundaries.’ Event was produced by Uma Information Technology GmbH. Speakers included Bill Schilit, Bill Buxton, Brewster Kahle, Neil Gershenfeld, and Hani Rashid.

• Co-author & Editor
Book: “Digital Illusion: Entertaining the Future with High Technology” (Addison Wesley) | 1995 – 1996
Selected, managed and edited 36 technical authors in six topic areas; scoped the topics, wrote overviews. Co-authored 11 chapters.

• Product Manager
Fujitsu Open Systems Solutions | 1994 – 1995
Shipping Product Manager for WorldsAway 1.0, an early online massively multiuser avatar world with an economy, real estate, and 24/7 culture, with membership in the US, Europe and Asia. Wrote the feature specification, improved the user interface, and shipped v. 1.0. Fujitsu, San Jose.

• Director, Content & Creative Services
Videocart, Inc. | 1990 – 1992
The first B2C, location-aware, mobile internet startup; >20,000 wireless nodes on a near-realtime nationwide TCP/IP network in >200 stores. Built and hired a department of 28 animation, editorial, and technical staff in 6 months. Led creative development, product development and content management & distribution under constant deadline conditions and a 24/7 schedule, with 100% content refresh weekly.
• Responsible for $2M annual budget.
• Catalyzed the touchscreen redesign of the wireless mobile display’s interface.
• Designed custom show formats for Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, & grocery stores.
• Partner relations management with USA Today in Washington, DC.


Art Institute of Chicago
Graduate study, Computer Graphics & Interface Design

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
BFA, magna cum laude, Graphic Design, with technology emphasis
Activities and Societies: Studied lighting design and theatrical EFX design with Wolfgang Wagner. Collaborated with faculty in the Depts. of Dance and Music in live performances using very large scale projection systems. Video Producer for Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman performance series. Studied and produced digital video performance art under Dan Sandin at UIC, Chicago.

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