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“How the World Around Us Should Work”
May 1, 2012
Robert Half International
50 California Street, 17th Flr., San Francisco, CA

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Is your garage door as smart as Siri? Does your television compare notes with your phone? In this talk, we look at how trends in hardware, software, and design will impact daily life outside of computing.
When you walk into a room, that act itself is a gesture. When your TV understands voice commands and gestures, it’s not a big step for it to recognize your face and your voice and that you’re “here.”

Your home is on its way to embodying the context awareness that researchers have been working on since 1994.

Mobile OS and handset vendors are all converging on the next Mother Lode: embedded, horizontal AI for context-aware hyperpersonalization of our daily lives. They see an opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with every user by perceiving the patterns of our everyday existence and then helping us, in ways that are less intrusive and more effective.

Technology barriers are diminishing: sensor power usage, battery energy density, seamless federation of consumer electronics, local ad-hoc networking, portable AI, realtime analytics. The more difficult barriers can be overcome: privacy, security, individual control of your own generated data, and revenue-sharing with the individuals whose behavior data is valuable.

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